There are three main research fields in Dr. Jiang's group: (1) Fluid Dynamics, (2) Phase-Change Heat Transfer, and (3) Physical Chemistry, while the focus lies at their nexus within the scope of engineered/functional solid surfaces. Specifically, Dr. Jiang specializes in how solid surface properties affect the phenomena relating to (1) Fluid Dynamics, (2) Phase-Change Heat Transfer, and (3) Physical Chemistry, where the subject of interest is small (droplet) and the effect of interfacial tensions dominates. 



Fluid Dynamics

Surface Engineering

Phase-Change Heat Transfer

     The research thrust in Dr. Jiang's group can be briefly summarized as Multiscale Droplet-Surface Interactions for Water, Energy, and the Environment. From the perspectives of fundamentals, there are three main research directions:

(1) Droplet Dynamics (coalescence, impact, rebound, transport, etc.)

(2) Droplet Mobility (wetting & adhesion)

(3) Droplet Phase-Change (condensation, evaporation, icing/de-icing, melting, and boiling)

Droplet Dynamics

Droplet dynamics.jpg

Droplet Mobility

Droplet mobility.jpg

Droplet Phase-Change

Droplet phase change.jpg

     Comprehensively based on multiple fundamental understandings, there are three application-oriented researches in this group:

Bio-inspired Collection of Aerosols for

Water Scarcity


Environmental Protection

Microscale Fluid-Structure Interactions


Energy Harvesting

Surface-Induced Spontaneous Transport Phenomena


Enhanced Phase-Change Heat Transfer