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     The research topics in Dr. Jiang's group are highly interdisciplinary which involve: (1) Fluid Dynamics, (2) Solid Mechanics, (3) Phase-Change Heat Transfer, and (4) Physical Chemistry, while the focus lies at their nexus within the scope of engineered/functional solid surfaces. Specifically, Dr. Jiang specializes in how solid surface properties affect the phenomena relating to droplet statics and dynamics, where the effect of liquid-gas interfacial tension dominates. 

Surface Engineering



Fluid Dynamics

Phase-Change Heat Transfer

Solid Mechanics

     From the perspectives of fundamentals, there are three main research directions in Dr. Jiang's group:

(1) Droplet Dynamics (coalescence, impact, rebound, transport, etc.)

(2) Droplet Statics (wetting & adhesion)

(3) Droplet Phase-Change (condensation, evaporation, icing/de-icing, melting, and boiling)

Droplet Dynamics

Droplet dynamics.jpg

Droplet Statics

Droplet mobility.jpg

Droplet Phase-Change

Droplet phase change.jpg

     Based on fundamental understandings, there are three application-oriented directions in this group:

Droplet Impact and Capture for
Water Scarcity,
Environments and Healthcare

Fluid-Structure Interactions
Energy Harvesting and Superhydrophobic Surface Fabrication

Texture-Induced Transport Phenomena
Phase-Change Heat Transfer and Particle Assembly

​基金(Funding grants)


  • April. 2024-: 广东以色列理工常州创新研究院种子基金(Seed Projects of GTIIT - Changzhou Innovation Research Institute), 磁响应纺织品:用于抗疾病传播的智能口罩和极端天气下的户外服装(Magneto-Responsive Textiles for Smart Masks against Disease Transmission and Outdoor Apparels in Extreme Weather Conditions), 主持(PI),30万(¥300,000)。

  • April. 2024-: 李嘉诚基金会-汕大-广以合作基金(Li Ka-Shing Foundation, STU-GTIIT Joint Research Grants), 含磁感应颗粒液滴在织构基底的去钉扎与操控机制(Depinning and Manipulation of Droplets Containing Ferromagnetic Particles on Textured Substrates), 主持(PI),合作者(Collaborator: Xiaodong Niu牛小东 and Hongyan Jiang姜红岩 at STU),80万(¥800,000)。

  • Jan. 2023-: 国家自然科学基金-青年项目(National Science Foundation of China -  Young Scientist Program),柔性微柱阵列上非牛顿流液滴固-液-气界面钉扎与协同演化机制(The pinning and synergistic dynamics of solid-liquid-gas interfaces of non-Newtonian droplets on flexible pillar arrays),主持(PI),30万(¥300,000)。

  • Sept. 2022-: 广东省教育厅-特色创新项目(Department of Education of Guangdong-Featured Innovation Program),柔性磁控微结构阵列构建及其主动移除液滴机制研究(Fabrication of magneto-responsive microstructure arrays and their active removal of droplets),主持(PI),20万(¥200,000,自筹,Internally-supported)。

  • July 2022-: 广东以色列理工-以色列理工合作培育基金(Seed Grants at GTIIT and at the Technion),复合液滴撞击复杂基底(Compound droplet impact onto complex surfaces) ,主持(PI),合作者(Collaborator: Prof. Alexander Oron),3万美金($ 30,000 in USD)。

  • June 2022-: 非线性力学国家重点实验室开放基金资助项目(Opening Fund of State Key Laboratory of Nonlinear Mechanics),液滴在磁控柔性微柱阵列的多方向操控机制(Multi-directional droplet manipulation on flexible magnet-responsive wire arrays),主持(PI),合作者(Collaborator: Prof. Dongshi Guan, 关东石教授),5万(¥50,000

  • Jan. 2022- : ​广东省自然科学基金面上项目(General Program of Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong),对柔性基底的可控微液滴打印方法及其机理研究(Controllable droplet printing on soft surfaces: Methods and Mechanisms),主持(PI),10万(¥100,000)。

  • Oct. 2021- :  广东省自然科学基金青年项目(Youth Program of Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong),粘弹性超疏水基底上液滴钉扎与运动机理研究(Droplet pinning and dynamics on viscoelastic superhydrophobic surfaces),主持(PI),10万(¥100,000)。

  • Oct. 2021-: 广东省科技创新战略专项资金(基础研究重大项目)(Special Fund for the Cultivation of Science and Technology Innovation for Major Program for the Fundamental Research of Guangdong Province),极端条件下未来功能材料的基础和应用研究(Basic and Applied Research on Future Functional Materials under Extreme Conditions),主要参与(Co-PI,PI:龚新高院士,Academician D. Xingao Gong),共4500万(with a sum of ¥45,000,000)。

Before GTIIT

  • National Science Foundation (美国), Structured Surfaces for Prevention of Ice Adhesion and Growth (结构表面抑制冰的形成与粘附), Sep. 2015 - Aug. 2019, $316,399, Participated (参与). 

  • National Science Foundation (美国), Hydropower Plant on a Chip: Frictionless Nanochannel Systems for Hydroelectric Power Generation (芯片水力发电场:无阻纳米通道发电), June 2015 - May 2019, $199,990, Participated (参与).

  • ACS-PRF (美国), Rejuvenating Conjugated Polymer Membranes for Oily Water Treatment (可复原聚合物对油水处理研究), Sep. 2016 - Aug. 2018, $110,000, Participated (参与)

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